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Shankar Varma
Iain Walker
Thaddeus Drabick

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  1. Dieter Boersig 1 year ago

    Sehr gute Umsetzung !!

  2. Pradeep 1 year ago
  3. Happy student 1 year ago

    Great app, very usefull
    Electronic student, i use it everyday !
    Thx for the job!

  4. Manoel Ferreira Filho 1 year ago

    Otimo programa está me ajudando muito, atende todas as espectativas, sou estudante de automação industrial.

  5. Manoel Ferreira Filho 1 year ago

    Ótimo programa atende todas as espectativas está me ajudando muito, parabéns aos desenvolvedores. Sou estudante de Automação Industrial.

  6. Malik Vuillemot 1 year ago

    Application très utile pour ma futur formation en électronique 😀

  7. José Hernandez M. 1 year ago

    Muchas gracias

    [email protected]

  8. Justin Taylor 1 year ago

    Most useful app I’ve ever downloadrd by far.

  9. Benjamin Coady 1 year ago

    This looks like a great app, thanks for putting the work into it.

  10. CRAIG MITCHELL 1 year ago

    This app is great, informative and easy to use!

  11. ITALO RENÉ 1 year ago

    App MT util

  12. Leandro moreno 1 year ago
  13. Philipp 1 year ago

    Trying again 😃

  14. Mustafa Agbaria 1 year ago

    Keep up the good work.

  15. The_Besty 1 year ago

    Men , your app is awesome .
    Also , thank for this Men .

  16. manu collin 1 year ago

    Echt tolle App. Endlich eine App die alle Funktionen in einer App umsetzt. Diese App wird jetzt zu meinem Alltags begleiter auf der Arbeit

  17. Ilya Glebov 1 year ago

    Hey. Long searched such an application. Loved it. Good luck!

  18. Marek 1 year ago

    Actually.. .this is not some “note for code” – I really am amazed how useful and feature-packed can be application, made with passion in electronics. Well linked theory, examples ..Thanks to this app I learned new things! Seriously – big, fat piece of excellent job!
    (the only drawback is UI. I mean layout is OK, but the “look & feel” is right now just “feel” ;-)) but that’s nothing compared to the rest.

    Keep going – You’re on the right track

  19. Nelson schmidt 1 year ago

    Seu programa me ajuda em muito os meus estudos. Parabens, e continue com esse excelente trabalho.

  20. Brendan sg 1 year ago

    Great application, it helps me many times to go faster. And the must are the explications that help us to understand…

  21. Samiran das 1 year ago

    This app is usefull and has all the basic information in nutshells for a hobbiest otherwise we have to google all the information
    Thank u

  22. Shane Purnell 1 year ago

    [email protected]
    This is a great app

  23. Murray Harrild 1 year ago
  24. Tom 1 year ago

    Super application d’électronique😊 Je m’en sers depuis plusieurs mois et rien à redire pour le moment. Très pratique pour le bricolage personnel ou pas😉

  25. Patrick Graw 1 year ago

    Very interesting App. I also would like to learn more about accumulators.

  26. Christian 1 year ago

    Sehr schöne App die mir sehr hilft und hilfreich für meine Umschulung als Fachinformatiker ist.

  27. Devikesh P. Pillay 1 year ago

    Great app, would like to try it out!-Dev Pillay

  28. Arjan Sanders 1 year ago

    Let’s test my luck

  29. Mike Beatrice 1 year ago

    Just discovered this app and it’s great!


    muito bom esse app quero ser beta tester

  31. benjamin verjus 1 year ago

    Super appli 🙂

  32. Bill. Downs 1 year ago

    Absolutely the best collection of information in one place I have ever encountered. Excellant referance !

  33. Justin Taylor 1 year ago

    Absotluely loving this app and how useful it is. I use it every single day, and that’s the truth.

  34. Mahesh K 1 year ago

    Nice app, keep up the good work

  35. Mahesh Kandpal 1 year ago

    Nice app, please keep up the good work

  36. Kenny 1 year ago

    Great app!

  37. Homero R.M. 1 year ago

    Estaba viendo la aplicacion despues de tenerla descargada como unas 2 semanas y me quede asi en plan de por que no la encontre hace 1 año me hubiera ayudado muchisimo y pues ahora que la tengo y que veo la gran recopilación util de información se que me ayudara mucbo para mis futuros proyectos en la uni y/o en el trabajo sigue asi que te esta llendo muy bien

  38. Luca Giannone 1 year ago

    I love this App, it makes my life so much easier when i’m working with my pi oder 3d printer
    Thank you so much !

    [email protected]

  39. Joel Vidica 1 year ago

    Otimo aplicativo .Tenho aprendido muito com ele


    [email protected]

  40. Osaid sharif 1 year ago

    U r doing an amazing work. Ur app will definitely help me in my studies keep up the good work

  41. CESAR DE LIMA CARVALHO 1 year ago

    Definitivamente este e melhor aplicativo de eletrônica. Sempre tenho ótimos resultados quando uso as calculadoras deste App. As tabelas de pinagens e CI’s ajudam muito na horas de tirar duvidas.
    Excelente trabalho dos desenvolvedores!
    Recomendo download!

  42. Sap 1 year ago

    I like the app

  43. Monnier 1 year ago

    Super pratique pour les bidouilleurs, ca evite d’ouvrir le navigateur pour certaines infos. Vraiment SUPER !

  44. Andreas Mayer 1 year ago

    Täglich im einsatz, als elektro neuling eine unverzichtbare hilfe 🙂

  45. Este aplicativo é muito bom. sem duvida o melhor do genero. esta me ajudando muito pois sou inicianemte e ele é muito didátido e bem organizado. Obrigado pela dedicação.

  46. Krzysztof 1 year ago

    Great app, very usefull
    Electronic student, i use it everyday !

  47. lalyhn powit 1 year ago

    An educational App. I love it! I already download many apps but this is a different app it’s like “all in one” package. Keep it up! and kudos to the one who made this app👍

  48. Nicholas Polson 1 year ago

    Great app… With a chance for free pro version too… It’s the greatest day of my life… Sign me up.

  49. Miguel Montanez 1 year ago

    Awesome app, love having so much important resources in one app. Thanks!!

  50. Albert 1 year ago

    Thanks! Very appreciated.

  51. Alexander Watson 1 year ago

    This app is great! Really helps my electronics.

  52. juniorn 1 year ago

    Super aplikacja!!! Brawo dla autora…

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