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To participate just leave a comment bellow, remember to use a valid email address, if you win I will contact you via your email.

  1. Author
    Herbert Schiller 4 weeks ago

    Leave a comment here and you will be participating, check on the post details about when the winners will be announced.

    Note: Remember to use a valid email address when registering to comment as this will be the only way I will be able to contact you in case you win.

    Good Luck!

    • Douglas Anthony Caban 2 weeks ago

      Hi, hope all is well with you and your Family. I also hope I win the pro version :0)

    • Prasanth 2 hours ago

      This powerfull app i ever used. Because no one give your app features for free but you are giving free. I am so happy for that. As a student from electronics and communication engineering i am interested in my subject because of your app. This make my time convenient. The explanation are cool to study because not complicated. I am suprised when i used your app for the first time.this comment is not for winning pro version but This comment is from my heart. Thank you.

  2. Dieter Boersig 3 weeks ago

    Perfect App !! 🙂

  3. Gioacchino 3 weeks ago

    Ottima app, bellissima interfaccia. Ho notato però che mancano i filtri passa banda ed elimina banda.. Rimane comunque una app stupenda

  4. Cliff 3 weeks ago

    Absolute timesaver to refer to
    Downloaded recently and its opened regularly
    Amazing how much you forget over 30 years

  5. Edward A Crandell 3 weeks ago

    Your app is very impressive. Easy to use and very informative! My question for you is how long have you been working with electronics? I love to build and repair every sort of gadget I can get ahold of. That is I love to try. I’m usually screwing something else up while attempting to fix a problem, lol. Anyhow take care!

    • Author
      Herbert Schiller 3 weeks ago

      Hi Edward, really appreciate your comment, I am telecommunications Engineer, working in the area for a decade now, the app started 2 years ago just as a hobby to practice programming, something I like to do, never expected it would reach so many people, and so many enthusiasts, I am quite happy to see how many people send me messages about their interest in electronics and I believe in the power of the internet and that sharing knowledge is something very important, that’s why I don’t block any content on the free version, both versions have the same content and I leave the Pro version for those who wish to support this project to keep going, because it does take a lot of time and effort to keep updated, Thanks again for your message, have a nice day!

  6. Noel 3 weeks ago

    It’s looking good, but not perfect yet. Under Converters/Formulas/Temperatures there is an entry: C=(F -32)x1.8 which should read C=(F -32) divided by 1.8
    (I cannot find a divide sign which works in Windows).
    Incidentally, the plural of Formula is Formulæ.

    • Author
      Herbert Schiller 3 weeks ago

      Really appreciate your feedback Noel, thanks a lot for pointing that out I’ll correct, the calculation itself is correct, the theory content has the mistake you pointed I’ll fix that as soon as possible, also the typo you mentioned, I’m glad to have users that can help me improve it, have a nice day 👍

  7. dare 3 weeks ago

    Just download the app and is a great app and great composure … keep it up .. can’t wait to get the pro app

  8. Eli 3 weeks ago

    This app has a lot of potential I really like the theory and the attention to detail (including safety precautions)

  9. Eli 3 weeks ago

    This may be a double post… I don’t see my first comment sorry if that is the case

  10. Manu 2 weeks ago

    Best app for electronic stuff repairing since ever!

    • Cliff 2 weeks ago

      Resistors in parallel kohms gives answers in Miliohms

      Still good app referred to regularly

      • Author
        Herbert Schiller 2 weeks ago

        Cliff would you send me via email any issues you encountered and I will investigate thank you

  11. Randy Short 2 weeks ago

    Thank you for all your hard work on this app and great to have all this information in one place. Keep up the great work!

  12. Tobias 2 weeks ago

    Really useful app!
    Thank you for all your hard work!

  13. Filipe Sampaio 2 weeks ago

    Great APP, very usefull!

  14. Hayaan 2 weeks ago

    Thank you .. best Apps 💕

  15. Samuel Alves 1 week ago

    I really love your app. This app are helping my studies in electric field. Thank you for your great job!

  16. Derek W King 1 week ago

    Very well designed app. I’m really enjoying the free version so if I win pro that will just be gravy. I’ve only been using the app for a few hours and I’m already hooked. Hope you continue providing the app because I can’t wait to see what you add next!

  17. Sergio Henrique 1 week ago

    Wow! This really cool!

    • Derek W King 7 days ago

      Love the app! I’m an electronics technician and it’s a great time saver.

  18. Samuel 7 days ago

    I really want this. This is a great app

  19. Rose 6 days ago

    Love this app

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