#11 - Giveaway : 20/07/2018

There were 32 comments, however because I couldnt give prizes in last couple of weeks I am giving away 6 pro codes.

Winners :

Hedi Atya
Mariana de Farias

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  1. Hedi Atya 4 months ago

    Really awesome app! Exactely what I was looking for 👌

  2. Mariana de Farias 4 months ago

    Good app

  3. Alex 4 months ago

    Difícil ganhar mas continuo tentando

  4. Correa 4 months ago

    Very useful app

  5. Ernando Franco 4 months ago

    Muito bom App recomendo a todos bombistas técnicos e engenheiros…

  6. Facundo Leonardo Giménez 3 months ago

    Muy buena la aplicación

  7. Facundo Leonardo Giménez 3 months ago

    Muy bueno la aplicación. Y buen trabajo detrás de ello

  8. Facundo Leonardo Giménez 3 months ago

    Muy bueno la aplicación

  9. Carlos 3 months ago

    Esse app é muito legal, recomendo a todos que gostam de eletronica e eletrica.

  10. Grzesiek 3 months ago

    Good app

  11. Steven Hammerle 3 months ago

    Great app for someone interested in electronics 😎

  12. Pablo Torres 3 months ago

    Vamos a probar la app, parece tener buena información, sería bueno que publiques los ganadores

  13. Pablo Torres 3 months ago

    Muy buena app, mucho contenido, buena interfaz. Los felicito

  14. Jonathan Palmarini 3 months ago

    Your app is the best! I have used it countless amounts of times in diy projects! It’s also just so interesting to look at the pinouts of different connectors! Make sure to keep updating!

  15. Nikolas 3 months ago

    Excelente app

  16. Rudolf SCHULZE 3 months ago

    Where is pin 1 on rasberry pi-socket?

    • Author
      Herbert Schiller 3 months ago

      It’s the yellow 3.3V pin on the top left

  17. Clive O'Connor 3 months ago

    Even for an old rocket scientist like me this app is marvelous.

  18. Sebastian 3 months ago

    Good app, exactly what I was looking for. Is equivalent of more than 10kg of books for me.

  19. Dipak bhalodia 3 months ago

    Best apps

  20. Satish hanchinal 3 months ago

    Nice app.It has all basics needed for electrical engineering student

  21. Chris Quill 3 months ago

    Yeah, nah, I rike it!

  22. Junk McNuggets 3 months ago

    This is an incredibly useful abd informative app. Especially for those, like me, who might be the hobbyist-type and have no formal training. Ntst an awesome amount of information laud out in about the most accessible way I’ve found yet.

    The amount of thought and work put into this app clearly shows. I am personally forever grateful.

    • Author
      Herbert Schiller 3 months ago

      Thanks a lot for your kind words, it always motivates me when people can appreciate the effort put into it, I’m sure there’s still a lot of work to do and a lot of material to cover but as long as the app keeps helping people I’ll keep improving it. Thank you!

  23. Pablo LN 3 months ago

    Tomara que eu ganhe

  24. Maximiliano Espinoza 3 months ago

    Muy buena app, very good!

  25. Roy 3 months ago

    Wow! Its awesome..

  26. FABIANO CORTEZ 3 months ago

    Não é só um aplicativo, mas sim uma ferramenta muito útil, os desenvolvedores estão de parabéns pela iniciativa.
    Utilizo bastante pra instalações Elétricas residenciais e algumas manutenções em eletrônica.
    Recomendo a todos que necessitem de um auxílio relacionado a conversores, calculadoras e demais assuntos ligados à elétrica de um modo geral.

  27. Orion Ahrens 3 months ago

    Best electronic app I’ve used yet keep up the good work.

  28. Mohammad 3 months ago

    My dad found this app, now I will use when I study. Very useful, has lots of features

  29. Gaggiaj Uu 3 months ago

    O app e show viu.. Me ajudou bastante no dia a dia no trabalho.. Meu nome é Calebe.. E-mail: calebemartins122@gmail.com

  30. Ruben Grosse-Boes 3 months ago

    Your app comes in really handy and has already saved me so much time bdcausr I didn’t have to look up everything online. It’s also great to study with it before an exam. Keep up the good work!


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