#6 - Giveaway : 01/06/2018

There were 10 comments, so 1 winner was picked.

Winner :


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If you didn’t win that’s ok you can try again! Every friday I’ll be giving away promotional codes to download the PRO version for free!

13 Comentários
  1. Autor
    Schiller 5 anos atrás

    Leave a comment here and you will be participating, check on the post details about when the winners will be announced.

    Note: Remember to use a valid email address when registering to comment as this will be the only way I will be able to contact you in case you win.

    Good Luck!

    • Daniel Lehr 5 anos atrás

      I love your App!

  2. Adam Mu 5 anos atrás

    Although it’s after the last giveaway, I still want to leave a comment here to express my thanks to the developer.
    It’s a really powerful app and especially helps the guys like me who are studying Electronic Engineering.
    I’d like to recommend this app to my friends. But it doesn’t provide Chinese language. I’d like to help to translate but the website page schillerapp.com/translator/ says “The system is being updated”. Please fix it so people can help you translate the app to more language. Thanks!

    • Autor
      Schiller 5 anos atrás

      Thanks a lot for your contact Adam, Im giving away promotional code every week, so check it out next Friday you may be the winner, the new translation system is already up and running, thank you for your interest

  3. Fernando Silva 5 anos atrás

    Very good for every one, being you a proper or just a beginner, every one should have it on his phone, thank you for all the best work.

  4. Koorosh 5 anos atrás

    Love it

  5. Diego Carrizales 5 anos atrás

    Just excellent. I am currently a student Dual program and this great application is an incredible help in my studies either reviewing or practicing with this. My colleagues are really happy since they were showed.

  6. Luca 5 anos atrás

    This app is very useful!
    Finally someone is making hight quality stuff 🙂

  7. Malik 5 anos atrás


  8. Victor Vallejo 5 anos atrás

    Thanks for this giveaway! This app helps me a lot in my college classes!

  9. Tomas 5 anos atrás

    Love it

  10. Martin 5 anos atrás

    Tis app is good i love it.
    Martin Milchevski
    For the winner of pro version

  11. Martin 5 anos atrás

    App is useful for all people who are usig this job

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