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There were 94 comments, I am giving away 10 pro codes.

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Cam Armbrust
Timothy C Rightmyer
Calvin Abel
Max Moura
Raphael Nunes
Pietro Martignon

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  1. Autor
    Schiller 5 anos atrás

    Leave a comment here and you will be participating, check on the post details about when the winners will be announced.

    Note: Remember to use a valid email address when registering to comment as this will be the only way I will be able to contact you in case you win.

    Good Luck!

    • Dante 5 anos atrás

      Excelente app. Aún más para los que estamos estudiando electrónica

    • Nick SOLDAN 5 anos atrás

      Hi. I just started to use this app. So far so good! Keep up the good work!

    • Tara Drennen 5 anos atrás

      Useful app, looking forward to the next version.

    • Kyle 5 anos atrás

      Amazing app I use it every day at school Too broke right now so winning the free pro app would be a godsend Fingers crossed please pick meeeee🤞🤞🙏

    • Rob Ayres 5 anos atrás

      This is app is already good but I hope I win the free upgrade just to see how much more comprehensive the app gets.
      Fantastic work. I use your app a lot!

    • Samuel Joseph 5 anos atrás

      I have exclusively used the ohms calculator and other functions to build my prototype.

      Excellent references for pinout.

      Author seems invested his time and resources to put this app and it sure has the mechanism for success.

      All the best.


  2. Thierry Gayral 5 anos atrás

    Cette appli est indispensable pour tous ceux qui veulent avoir sous la main les outils pour travailler et calculer facilement tout ce qui a trait au domaine électrique et électronique

  3. OSAMA HAMADA 5 anos atrás


  4. Justin Taylor 5 anos atrás

    This app is excellent! I honestly use it everday in my work for the calculators and theory. It’s a huge part of what helped me to understand elecmtronics.

    Justin TsykrT

  5. Tom Coulon 5 anos atrás

    Super application ! Très complète, j’adore !

  6. Srdjan Kostic 5 anos atrás

    A very pedantically organized application with lots of useful information. I usually use it to view some pinout and to remind myself of the theory of electronics. Thank you!

  7. Fernando Sala 5 anos atrás

    I Love this app, helps me a lot with electronics studies, also it helps me with all the provided information in the sections

  8. Miquel 5 anos atrás


  9. Miquel 5 anos atrás

    Calc for Electronics

  10. Larry Sellens 5 anos atrás

    Great app. Thanks for your hard work.

  11. Jan Černý 5 anos atrás

    Found the app today and as an IT student, I LOVE IT! :3

  12. Ian 5 anos atrás

    Excellent App.

  13. Daniel M. 5 anos atrás

    Thank you for app. It’s very useful for me. Greetings from Romania

  14. Luis 5 anos atrás

    Muy buena aplicación, práctica y sencilla, me ha ayudado bastante en mi carrera y me ha permitido dar respuesta rápida a problemas en practicas de electrónica cuando hay dudas con componentes, sigue asi muy buen trabajo

  15. Gabriel Rocha 5 anos atrás

    I’m doing Electronical Engineering and this app help me a lot, congrats for the great work!

  16. Shahamat Tasin 5 anos atrás

    This app is a beauty! So much features and the interface is great too ! 😍 Keep up the good work!

  17. Kadim Ortayli 5 anos atrás

    A must have app for electronics students. Thank you.

  18. Juan Luis Merlo Gálvez 5 anos atrás

    Very useful app. I teach electronics and it’s an excellent aid. Recommended to everyone.

  19. Levente Kálmán 5 anos atrás

    A must have app for me. Keep going!

  20. Noah Fungulo 5 anos atrás

    This app is super good.It helps me when I’m doing modification on circuits or when l’m designing.Thanks for the app it make life easier

  21. Joshua J Churchill 5 anos atrás

    Thanks for the app, very helpful in my learning !

  22. Anthony Gendron 5 anos atrás

    The app has been very helpful to me

  23. Miguel Ángel Flores 5 anos atrás

    La mejor aplicación para estudiantes e Ingenieros en Sistemas Computacionales o Electrónica, altamente recomendable por la gran cantidad de información de apoyo que contiene.

  24. BC 5 anos atrás

    The ads on the pro version are distraction and unwelcomed.

    • Autor
      Schiller 5 anos atrás

      Thank you for your feedback would send me screenshots where you encountered ads on the pro version? Please remember the datasheet database is provided by a third party website, I have no control whatsoever of their content.

  25. Daniel Langstaff 5 anos atrás

    i like your app. it is the most functionally complete app I’ve found to date. i also like your TNC. simple to understand and without the legalese while still being legally functional.

  26. John J Crocker 5 anos atrás

    Just found your app and downloaded it. Read the safety section which is excellent.
    Thank you for sharing your wonderfully useful app.

  27. Rec rec 5 anos atrás

    Hi .. po.. thanks for new updates.. help for easier access.. what a great app…

  28. joly 5 anos atrás

    super appli! Très fonctionnel je recommande

  29. Edgar Castillo 5 anos atrás

    Very useful! 👍

  30. Flavius Margea 5 anos atrás

    Very useful application. Keep up the good work!

  31. Thet Htwe 5 anos atrás

    Very very useful for me. Personal use also educational use in our school. Thanks for your great work.

  32. MRcoding 5 anos atrás

    Super App
    Its my new Favorit

  33. Ícar 5 anos atrás

    Most helpful app for the career.

  34. Bill Gage 5 anos atrás

    Thank you for creating an app that inspires me to learn electronics.

  35. Miquel 5 anos atrás


  36. Edin hin 5 anos atrás

    This app is awesome I don’t know much about most of the stuff in the app but I will definitely try to learn as it is very interesting thank you developer for taking the time out to make a such a wonderful app God-bless and happy holidays

  37. Forentroll 5 anos atrás

    Excellent app!

  38. 2bndy5 5 anos atrás

    Would be really useful to have a voltage divider calculator tool. Like specify one load’s power and one supply’s power or two loads’ power. Really just focusing on finding correct resistor values. Otherwise you have an outstanding app

  39. Duane 5 anos atrás

    Cool app

  40. Tommy Vercetti 5 anos atrás

    Nice app.

  41. abdurrahman ozhan 5 anos atrás

    Nice app. Ty for this.

  42. Andrew 5 anos atrás

    Useful as!

  43. Gracious 5 anos atrás

    The app is good. It really helped me with my school work, especially when I was writing my digital electronic exam. This is my number one app. I love the style and everything about it is nice . I always refer to the app. It’s like my personal study guide.👍👌❤

  44. Francis 5 anos atrás

    Enhorabuena por la app

  45. Lukas 5 anos atrás

    This is what I need.

  46. Héctor López Viveros 5 anos atrás

    Muy buena aplicación, me ha servido de mucho. Estoy aprendiendo bastante con ella.

  47. Doug G 5 anos atrás

    Nice app

  48. Paulo 5 anos atrás

    Estou entrando nesse fascinante mundo da eletrônica depois de 👑. Objetivo: Movimentar e aquecer os neurônios.

  49. Mike 5 anos atrás

    New user here. Really nice so far.

  50. Naty 5 anos atrás

    Excelente aplicación, genial para los que estudiamos electrónica. Muchas gracias!

  51. Tomas 5 anos atrás

    Muy buena. Gracias

  52. Juan Shmidt 5 anos atrás

    Great app, help me a lot

  53. Keynes 5 anos atrás

    Esta muy bien estructurada la aplicación me gusta por que es muy visual y muy versátil me. Gustarían unos consejos flotantes pero que no molestara al usuario

  54. Joe 5 anos atrás

    Nice app. Has most of the options and calculations handy for electronic analysis work. Real time saver.

  55. Andrew 5 anos atrás

    Are the giveaways still happening?

  56. Josh redinger 5 anos atrás

    Really cool app with a ton of useful information!

  57. Gostan Ruessel 5 anos atrás

    This App is so helpful! Thank you

  58. Fabri Vignati 5 anos atrás

    Muy buena app la recomiendo

  59. Brendon Bonner 5 anos atrás

    Love to try the pro version, thanks!

  60. Anadson Santos Macedo 5 anos atrás

    App excelente na versão gratuita , gostaria de Telo na versão pro ..

  61. Brendon Bonner 5 anos atrás

    May as well comment again, great idea since I’m actively thinking of your project and often using it first when I need an answer

  62. Stanislaw 5 anos atrás

    Excelent app for an electrical engineer. Thank you for this one.

  63. Srikanth Kasturi 5 anos atrás

    Very useful app. Good to have so much data on the fingertips
    Please keep up the good work .


  64. z95y 5 anos atrás

    This is one hell of a killer app. Thanks mate

  65. Kristaps Blums 5 anos atrás

    jeez. and its becoming better. its been great compabion for a bit now. great app. keep up

  66. Andreas Groll 5 anos atrás

    Eine wirklich gelungene App, die mir schon viel sucherei erspart hat…

  67. RazvaN 5 anos atrás

    Fabulous! Thank You!

  68. Gracious 5 anos atrás

    The app is good. It really helped me with my school work, especially when I was writing my digital electronic exam. This is my number one app. I love the style and everything about it is nice . I always refer to the app. It’s like my personal study guide.👍👌❤

  69. Francisco 5 anos atrás

    Excelente app uso diariamente

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