#14 - Giveaway : 01/12/2018

There were 92 comments, I am giving away 10 pro codes.

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Karol Michałek
Houssam Mazraani
Dieter Boersig
Fernando Peres Vera
Benjamin Coady
Rainer Bohlke Holz

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  1. Autor
    Schiller 5 anos atrás

    Leave a comment here and you will be participating, check on the post details about when the winners will be announced.

    Note: Remember to use a valid email address when registering to comment as this will be the only way I will be able to contact you in case you win.

    Good Luck!

    • Alexandre Rodrigues de Souza 5 anos atrás

      Excelente aplicativo…me ajuda nas práticas do curso de Automação e Controle no IFG.

    • Christian 5 anos atrás

      Thank you! This app helps me alot!

    • Marcos 5 anos atrás

      Ótimo aplicativo espero ganhar, gostei do tema escuro novo ficou show.

    • Marcos 5 anos atrás

      Ótimo aplicativo

    • Marcos 5 anos atrás

      ótimo aplicativo tem me ajudado muito

  2. Salvatore Longo 5 anos atrás

    Salvatore Longo

  3. Julián torossian 5 anos atrás

    Felicidades gran app, Julián torossian.

  4. Dieter Boersig 5 anos atrás

    This is a very good App !!

  5. Ianik 5 anos atrás

    Excellent I’m French I love this log

  6. Florian Skokan 5 anos atrás

    Great app an good work! 😀

  7. Florian Skokan 5 anos atrás

    Great App and good work! 😀

  8. Diego 5 anos atrás

    Excellent application, very practical, simple and complete. I really appreciate the developers who do an incredible job and hope they continue like this, congratulations

  9. Diego Castañeda R. 5 anos atrás

    Excellent application, very practical, simple and complete. I really appreciate the developers who do an incredible job and hope they continue like this, congratulations

  10. Jorge 5 anos atrás

    No sabía de la existencia de esta app ahora es una herramienta necesaria en mi android

  11. Jorge 5 anos atrás

    Es una gran app

  12. Braulio Urqueta Vargas 5 anos atrás

    Hola , muy buena app , me a sido de mucha ayuda , felicidades excelente trabajo 👍👍

  13. Raphael Nunes 5 anos atrás

    A very nice app.

  14. Łukasz Gworek 5 anos atrás

    I like this app is very helpful

  15. Kowalczyk Artur 5 anos atrás

    Kowalczyk Artur

  16. Arunlal Jayaraman 5 anos atrás

    Man , you totally changed the look of the previous version to an awesome level

  17. Dimitri Gionis 5 anos atrás

    This app saved my butt while studying

  18. David Maier 5 anos atrás

    It helps me a lot in a electonic school. Thank you 🙂

  19. Salvador 5 anos atrás

    Muy buena aplicación,la recomiendo a tod@s mis compañeros.

  20. Antolin 5 anos atrás

    La verdad es una gran aplicación, estudio en una escuela Tecnica, en la especialidad de Electronica, y esto me ayuda muchisimo en verdad. La recomiendo un monton.

  21. AlexFll 5 anos atrás

    I really like your application, especially for studies. Keep going 👍

  22. Flavio 5 anos atrás

    Great app, keep up the good work!

  23. Metooo 5 anos atrás

    Great app

  24. Allmetoo 5 anos atrás

    Great app

  25. Levente Kálmán 5 anos atrás

    Great app, keep going!

  26. leonardo 5 anos atrás

    Great app!!

  27. Claudio 5 anos atrás

    Transformers doesn’t work. Sorry

    • Autor
      Schiller 5 anos atrás

      Hi Claudio if you wish to email me more details of the issue I will investigate thanks

  28. Nicolás Pineda 5 anos atrás

    excelent app, I love it

  29. Nabs 5 anos atrás

    Hello, I am a Technical Instructor at an Engineering college. I and my students find this application very helpful and useful. Keep up the good work.

  30. Tomas 5 anos atrás

    Muy util la app!

  31. Manuauto Dev 5 anos atrás

    Very good app!

  32. Jan 5 anos atrás

    Nice app, i like new UI.

  33. Otávio Luiz 5 anos atrás

    Very good app, congratulations👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  34. Juan Luis Anguiano 5 anos atrás

    A great alternative to ElectroDroid. Congratulations.

  35. Douglas Mesquita Rocha 5 anos atrás

    Nice App, very unique

  36. Gabriel Cosme 5 anos atrás

    Thank you for the app, helped me a lot

  37. Chris Hoffman 5 anos atrás

    Great app!

  38. Augusto 5 anos atrás

    Thanks for this powerfull app!

  39. Calvin Abel 5 anos atrás

    Calvin Abel

    I like the new UI, it looks great.

  40. Pietro Martignon 5 anos atrás

    Pietro Martignon

  41. Benjamin Coady 5 anos atrás

    Ben Coady

  42. Brendo Neves 5 anos atrás

    O melhor aplicativo

  43. Luis Alberto 5 anos atrás

    Excelente app… recomendo!

  44. Brendo Neves 5 anos atrás

    Brendo Neves

  45. Loremzoi 5 anos atrás

    Complimenti app completa e itile

  46. Lucas Souza 5 anos atrás

    Nicest app, help me a lot in eletronic.
    Lucas Souza

  47. Karol Michałek 5 anos atrás

    Karol Michałek

  48. Matheus Krahl 5 anos atrás

    Matheus Krahl

  49. Gracias por desarrollar esta aplicación, me has ayudado mucho con mis materias de la ingeniería. Sigue así

  50. andrea giacopetti 5 anos atrás

    Andrea Giacopetti

  51. Timothy C Rightmyer 5 anos atrás

    I work as a engineer at a hotel and I wish I found this app sooner it would have saved me many a headache not to mention I am very into DYI with computers and electronics,
    I love this app everything I need all in one spot ,,,,,,,,,, no more searching for the information I need,

    I also develope and write programs so I do know the hard work you did to develope this so when I say “Thank You” I really meen “THANK YOU”,

  52. Norm 5 anos atrás

    I’ve used many apps but none like this. This truly is amazing and offers more than I imagined. I’m sharing this with friends who have found this app quite reliable and usable.

  53. Guillermo 5 anos atrás

    Muy buena. Aplicación cumple con todo lo especificado

  54. Cedric Hirschi 5 anos atrás

    Cedric Hirschi

  55. sacha 5 anos atrás

    Yes please

  56. Zim Unknown 5 anos atrás

    Helped me a lot in my electronic hobby.

  57. Sueli 5 anos atrás

    Is a nice app, really helps a lot.

  58. Max Moura 5 anos atrás

    Theo best app in its catergory

  59. Cam Armbrust 5 anos atrás

    Very handy tool, makes things a bit quicker working on projects

  60. Rainer Bohlke Holz 5 anos atrás

    Um ótimo aplicativo, me ajuda muito

  61. Houssam Mazraani 5 anos atrás

    Hello there 😁

  62. BluSpectre 5 anos atrás

    Hello! I use your app for ATX Pinouts so I can use different pins for custom purposes inside of computers, as I’m too cheap to buy a modular power supply. I also use your IC pin maps for using ICs without breaking them.

  63. Kyle Morrison 5 anos atrás

    Your app is very clean and nice, as well a practical. I use you Pinouts maps for referencing inputs and outputs on ICs, and Electrical calculators for PSUs for computers. I also use the ATx maps for modding reference as well.

  64. Ozan nural 5 anos atrás

    Thanks dude!

  65. Joe 5 anos atrás

    Hands down it’s the handiest around. Such a wonderfully designed app, everything in one spot and laid out well. Very nice👍

  66. #Coding 5 anos atrás

    Very Nice App. It’s best App i have ever found in the store. I use the App at home and at work. Thank you for the good service. Sorry my english it’s very bad. 😦

  67. Eninspace 5 anos atrás

    Great work ^_^


    Muito bom esse aplicativo, gostei bastante e tem sido de bastante utilidade

  69. Alisson vieira 5 anos atrás

    Nem tenho palavras para dizer o quanto esse aplicativo está me ajudando. Excelente!

  70. Fernando Peres Vera 5 anos atrás

    Simplesmente, maravilhoso cada vez mais prático completo, sou técnico e não abro mão de indicar o app PARABÉNS CRIADORES.

  71. Fernando Peres Vera 5 anos atrás

    SIMPLESMENTE pratico, e maravilhoso

  72. Ariel Furcal 5 anos atrás

    muy buena aplicacion me a resuelto la vida muchas veces

    • Aaron Zarco 5 anos atrás

      Es muy práctico para cuando necesito reparar mis electronicos

  73. Aaron Zarco 5 anos atrás

    Muy buena

  74. Abinadar salome 5 anos atrás

    muy buena y excelenten app me a ayudado en practias, tareas, problemas teoricos y practicos y otras cosas que necesito en mi escula

    excelente sigan asi 😀👍

  75. Ricardo Ferreira 5 anos atrás

    Ricardo Ferreira

  76. Derek Bradshaw 5 anos atrás

    This app has been helping me thru EE school! Thanks!

  77. Austin Owens 5 anos atrás

    Thank you for building this app. I use it everyday.

  78. Sagar Verma 5 anos atrás

    A very helpful application is this.

  79. Ozan nural 5 anos atrás

    I want it!

  80. Federico 5 anos atrás

    The app is great! I’m trying to learn electronics and it’s of huge help. One of the best educational apps on the android store. Thanks ❤

  81. Michael Peuker 5 anos atrás

    I am looking forward to se the new update. And se if it can help me. I am a student on a school of Electronics.

  82. Fabian Eschenbrücher 5 anos atrás

    Nice application! Good for Hobby-Worker and real electricians.

    But the speech was poorly translated into German. I would translate it for you for free.
    Some parts are very difficult to understand…

    • Autor
      Schiller 5 anos atrás

      Thanks a lot Fabian, you can help translate it at : https://schillerapp.com/help-translate/ and you can find the content by topic so whenever you see errors on the app you can go directly into the right topic and fix the translation, thanks a lot for you interest in helping with the app, really appreciate that!

  83. Alessandro Vidal 5 anos atrás

    Excelente aplicativo, uso profissionalmente e recomendo sempre

  84. Sean M Garren 5 anos atrás

    Thank you soooo much! I use this app ALL THE TIME as I am teaching my self electronics! 10 stars! And then 10 more!!

    Sean M Garren

  85. Elismar Jesus De Oliveira 5 anos atrás

    Muito bom o aplicativo, parabéns pela criação, utilizo mitmmesmo.

    Desde de já obrigado @Elismar.

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