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SchillerApp is passionate to develop android apps that you help you learn and have fun.

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SchillerApp is my repository of android apps I develop,
I have an interest for engineering and electronics
but I will also be developing apps for other purposes

Powerful toolbox for electronics and electrical engineering enthusiasts.

Calc for Electronics

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Check out how much you know about Electronics and Engineering with this fun Quiz game.

Electronics Quiz

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[PT-BR] Reference book for Brazilian laws, also check the status of legal proceedings.

Códigos & Leis

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What is SchillerApp?

SchillerApp is just a brand I created as a repository for the android apps I develop,

Here I will be listing android applications I develop and publish on Google Store, although I have an Electrical Engineering background I have an interest in engineering in general as well programming.

I started developing “Calc for Electronics” as a hobby during university to practice the content I learned as well to practice programming skills, something I enjoy, but I quickly realised I could programme apps for  other purposes and not necessarily engineering related.


How to support the project?

I believe knowledge should be free.

I develop apps free for use, no blocked content that you can only access if you pay for.

Unfortunately there is a cost, I am an engineer with a day job and I develop these apps (at the moment) as a hobby, hoping that SchillerApp will evolve into my day job, but that’s not the case right now.

I keep this app free providing ads, I know nobody loves advertising even though sometimes you can find useful links in there, but it’s the only way to keep everything free. I try to the best of my ability to keep advertising to a minimum and not to disrupt the experience, but I understand for some this is not enough and for a very small price you can remove it forever, but more importantly support the project, I am not a big organisation and don’t have any external funds so any penny counts.

If you feel these apps have helped you in any way, please consider supporting it.

Thank you.


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